Axcend Webinar: Key Capillary Compact HPLC Advancements for Drug Discovery and Development

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, 18 November 2021 (11am ET / 10am CT / 9am MT / 8am PT)


Thanks in advance for your interest in this Axcend® Webinar, because even if you’ve known about Axcend for some time, chances are you’re not aware of the newest changes at Axcend and with the Axcend Focus LC® (our compact, lightweight, and hand-portable capillary HPLC) and the features/benefits it can bring to drug discovery and development scientists. 

What kind of changes are we talking about, you ask?

  1. In case you didn’t know, we’re currently working with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical  companies through our contract with the Enabling Technologies Consortium to develop, produce and commercialize “a next-generation compact and portable high-performance liquid chromatography system.” 
  2. Independent user data from several of these same firms shows savings of up to 1000X or greater for solvent usage and waste disposal when using the Axcend Focus LC.

Additionally, the compact size of the Axcend Focus LC allows separation scientists to simply and safely perform HPLC analysis in ways and locations previously impossible, like

  • In a reaction monitor, or
  • Inside a fume hood, or
  • In an production facility, or
  • Anywhere outside of a lab environment.

Additionally, we now offer

  1. Off-the-Shelf Capillary Column support, 
  2. Capillary HPLC DADs with 103 linearity, and 
  3. Temperature-controlled, paperback book-sized HPLC cartridges. 

So … to learn more about the Latest and Greatest News and Information about Compact and Capillary HPLC with the Axcend Focus LC … we invite you to join us for 30 minutes on Thursday, 18 November 2021 at 11am ET (10am CT / 9am MT / 8am PT).

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Thank you.

The Axcend Team

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