Why the Axcend DAD 1000?

The Axcend DAD 1000 combines high performance with intuitive handling at an affordable price. Easy integration with the Axcend Focus LC makes this device the right choice for fast, standard analytical, semi-preparative and preparative separations. The deuterium lamp, covering 190 to 700 nm, can be quickly changed as needed through the quick-access removable front panel for short downtimes.

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The Axcend DAD 1000

The Only Choice

The Axcend Focus LC and Axcend DAD 1000 can be simultaneously controlled via a single user-interface from Agilent OpenLab CDS®, and DataApex Clarity. The Axcend DAD 1000™ is the ideal choice for your challenging liquid chromatography requirements. The only DAD for capillary HPLC offers a full three orders of magnitude linearity needed to identify trace elements in the presence of your target analytes. The Axcend DAD 1000 delivers where others do not. Removes the constraint from LED-based light sources - Radio frequency identification.