Our breakthrough capillary Axcend Focus LC® is hand portable HPLC device. It is completely self-contained and delivers exceptional analytical results safely when in dangerous or confined spaces.  Its remote capabilities also make it possible to analyze samples on Oil Platforms and in other isolated places. These design features eliminate the hazardous element of analyzing samples using compact high performance liquid chromatography.

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A Variety of Advantages


The Axcend Focus LC® offers a variety of advantages to the Petrochemical Industry including:

  • Analysis of Process Water directly at the holding tank on Oil Platforms with no danger from flammable solvents or other potential hazards
  • BTEX analysis from soil, water, or other matrices down to the high PPB range anywhere you need it. At the rig, in the lab, at a spill site…
  • Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) analysis across a range of matrices and detection limits at point-of-need.

The Axcend Focus LC® fits into almost any compact and remote location allowing it to easily be transported to formerly difficult to reach sites. Its ability to operate on a battery makes it possible to analyze samples when wall power is not available.

Application Note

This application note shows how low levels of benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylenes (BTEX) can be determined in water with the use of relatively large injection volumes. The standard injection valve typically delivers a 40 nL injection volume. Substituting this small internal sample loop valve with a larger external loop enables injections of a wide range of sample volumes from 200 nL and higher.

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