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Utilization of high-performance liquid chromatography crosses into multiple industries for various applications. Here are just a few additional areas where we have done extensive work developing testing methods. If you are looking for another application not listed, then please complete the request form at the bottom of the page. As you scroll through the list of target industries, keep in mind that we are continuously expanding into other industries every day.

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Traditional HPLCs are typically housed in centralized laboratories as they are bulky and need bench space for setup. This changes with the Axcend Focus LC® due to its fully portable and self-contained design. Now you can perform analysis in the field or remote locations delivering the same accurate and precise results as traditional systems.



THC content, either wanted for Cannabis quality or unwanted for Hemp products, is essential knowledge for growers. The field portable Axcend Focus LC can provide this information in real-time and at the point-of-need. It is possible to test for Cannabinoids and get results in a matter of minutes rather then sending samples to a faraway laboratory. The easy to use design makes for easy setup right out of the box.


Environmental sample collection is performed in the field with samples subsequently carried to the laboratory. The versatility of the Axcend Focus LC allows on-site analysis for monitoring and screening. Its small size means that it can fit easily into a mobile laboratory or can be hand-carried to any location. Battery power enables ten hours of continuous operation. Another aspect is that all solvents and waste are self-contained in the system so there is no exposure to the user or the environment while consuming 1,000 times less solvent than a traditional system.


Food Safety

Food safety takes many forms that includes in-house laboratory analysis to point-of-need field testing. The goal is the same, is this product safe and/or ready for the consumer! The Axcend Focus LC is versatile enough to be used on the benchtop or in the field for real-time monitoring. Whether you are checking for ripeness, pesticide contamination, adulterated product, or even poisoning we can develop a method to meet your needs.

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