Why the Axcend SampleBox?

Engineered to provide real-time information that accelerates the discovery and development process, the Axcend system is the only separations Process Analytical Technology (PAT) system that’s small enough to be placed in a hood or immediately adjacent to the reaction vessel. The solution consists of the Axcend Focus LC®, Axcend SampleBox, and Axcend cartridge containing the column oven and UV detector.

Focus and SampleBox thumb
Focus and SampleBox thumb
The Axcend SampleBox

Clean samples mean clean results.

Sample preparation is an essential part of successful chromatography. A sample needs to be optimally prepared so it can be injected directly onto an HPLC column. The Axcend SampleBox is purpose-built to interface directly with the Axcend Focus LC® as a sample introduction device. The Axcend Reaction Monitoring system is used to monitor chemical reactions from batch or continuous processes, especially where limited sample is available. The Axcend SampleBox and Focus LC are placed next to the synthetic chemistry workstation for sampling and analysis.