Enabling Technologies Consortium and Axcend Collaborate to Develop, Produce and Commercialize a Compact HPLC that Meets ETC Pharmaceutical Member Requirements

Next generation, compact high-performance liquid chromatography system sought that can be mounted inside a fume hood with “on-demand” operation and small volume components to improve efficiency and streamline analytical processes

March 9, 2021 — Axcend® and Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC) today announced that ETC has awarded a one-year contract to Axcend to collaborate on the development, production and commercialization of a next-generation compact and portable high-performance liquid chromatography system designed to meet the evolving process development requirements within leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Under terms of the Development Contract, ETC member company scientists will collaborate with Axcend to help it design and commercialize an HPLC that can

  • be mounted inside a fume hood;
  • easily be moved within a lab environment;
  • be operated “on-demand;”
  • produce minimal dead volumes;
  • utilize small volume components; and
  • quickly equilibrate before analysis.

The ETC is comprised of representatives from the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world. They work together in a collaborative environment seeking to reduce and eliminate duplicated efforts in developing new and improved technologies in partnership with third parties such as vendors and universities. By taking this approach, ETC member companies endeavor to collaborate on information, ideas, expertise, resources, and costs to produce the desired results.

Axcend was one of approximately one dozen companies that initially responded to a November 2019 ETC Request for Proposal titled “Compact HPLC.”  This RFP expressed interest in

“… an integrated system (sample preparation and analysis) in a compact form factor that would enable mounting inside a lab hood. Depending on configuration, a compact system might enable “on demand” operation, due to minimal dead volume and small volume components that could quickly equilibrate prior to performing measurement.”

Since its public unveiling at Pittcon 2018, Axcend has been recognized for its innovative shoebox-sized and hand-portable, capillary-based, UV-Absorption-HPLC known as the Axcend Focus LC®.

“We are honored to have been selected by the ETC for this Compact HPLC Development Contract,” said Glen D. Mella, Axcend CEO and Co-Founder. “We have already seen significant benefits from our coordination and collaboration with the Enabling Technologies Consortium, and we look forward to our joint progress on this journey together.”

Initial deliverables from this Compact HPLC Development Contract are expected throughout the first three quarters of 2021, with completion expected before 2022.

About Enabling Technologies Consortium

Launched in 2016, the Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC) is currently comprised of 12 of the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world. The purpose of ETC is to help accelerate the advancement of new scientific tools and services by collaborating with vendors and academic partners about information, ideas, expertise, resources, and costs to produce the desired outcomes.

About Axcend

Axcend is a provider of innovative, hand-portable and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems. These solutions allow scientists to deliver HPLC Anywhere® and provide dramatic improvements in portability, ease-of-operation, rapid and convenient deployment, as well as coupling to other analytical systems.

Axcend, the Axcend logo, Axcend Focus LC, and HPLC Anywhere are trademarks of Axcend, LLC. ETC and the ETC logo are trademarks of Enabling Technologies Consortium.  All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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Axcend:  David Politis, +1-801-405-9545, [email protected]

ETC:  James Vergis, +1-202-230-5439, [email protected]