Exhibiting at Pittcon 2023 in Philadelphia from March 18 through March 22

PROVO, Utah – The Axcend Focus LC® high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) is a compact system that can be easily placed near the sample source, and powerful enough to be used in any state- of-the-art laboratory. Optimized for low solvent consumption, waste reduction, and energy conservation, it’s leading the way for green analytical chemistry. Conference attendees will view demonstrations at Pittcon in Axcend’s booth #2643. Pittcon’s exposition enables attendees to participate in demonstrations and product seminars, view the latest laboratory instrumentation, and speak directly with technical experts. The technical program includes presentations by top scientists on pharmaceutical analysis with compact LC:

Compact Capillary LC – Coming of Age – Dr. Milton Lee, Axcend & Brigham Young University,
Mon, Mar 20, 1:30 PM, Rm 118A

Kinetic Profiling of Capillary LC Columns for Use in Compact LC Instrumentation – Samuel
Foster, Rowan University – Mon, Mar 20, 1:50 PM, Rm 118A

Collaboratively Advancing Compact Liquid Chromatography for Supporting Process
Understanding and Automating Analytical Instrumentation in Pharmaceutical and
Biopharmaceutical R&D – Dr. Zachary Breitbach, Abbvie – Tues, Mar 21, 10:35 AM, Rm 121C
Compelling Compact Capillary LC Applications – Dr. Ray West, Axcend, Tues, Mar 21, 11:05 AM,
Rm 115C

Symposium: Green Analytical Liquid Chromatography – “This is the Way” – Dr. Milton Lee,
Brigham Young University and Dr. James Grinias, Rowan University – Tues, Mar 21, 1:30-4:45
PM, Rm 116

Transferring Analytical-Scale LC Separations to Compact Capillary LC Instrumentation – Dr.
James Grinias, Rowan University – Tues, Mar 21, 1:35 PM, Rm 116

Portable Capillary LC: Higher Sensitivity with Lower Solvent Consumption – Dr. Michael Hicks,
Merck – Tues, Mar 21, 2:10 PM, Rm 116

“Green” Compact Capillary LC Instrumentation – Dr. Elisabeth Gates, Axcend – Tues, Mar 21,
2:45 PM, Rm 116

Different Ways to Make Liquid Chromatography “Green”: Water as Solvent of Election under
Analytical Scale Conditions and Novel Portable Miniaturized Systems – Dr. Francesca Rigano,
University of Messina – Tues, Mar 21, 3:35 PM, Rm 116

Green Sample Preparation Techniques – An Overview – Dr. Tadeusz Gorecki, University of
Waterloo – Tues, Mar 21, 4:10 PM, Rm 116

Glen Mella, Axcend Chief Executive Officer, said, “We’re pleased to see university research labs and global pharmaceutical companies leading by example. Our customers in North America, Europe and Asia need compact liquid chromatography solutions that help reduce their carbon footprint while delivering the efficiency of larger, more expensive LCs. We look forward to meeting Pittcon attendees at booth #2643 to discuss their HPLC applications.”

The award-winning Axcend Focus LC will be on display in the Demo and Learning Zone, Solutions for All Scientists to Deliver HPLC AnywhereTM, located in Park #3 at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, March 20th
Attendees will see first-hand the latest advancements in capillary LC, including a temperature-controlled column oven that can be heated to 80°C that accommodates any capillary LC column. The new capillary LC-UV-absorption detection improves the limit of quantitation. The system includes low dead-volume interfacing kits for connections to mass spectrometry (MS) and photodiode array (PDA) detectors.

About Axcend, LLC
Axcend is a provider of compact, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems. These solutions allow scientists to deliver HPLC AnywhereTM and provide dramatic improvements in portability, ease-of-operation, rapid and convenient deployment, as well as coupling to other analytical systems.

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