High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

  • Small Footprint
  • Powerful and Portable
  • Rugged and Reliable

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Access the Power of HPLC Anywhere®

Introducing Axcend Focus LC®, a compact LC system that fits onto every laboratory bench. Representing the very latest advancements in liquid chromatography, Axcend Focus LC® is an affordable high-performance liquid chromatograph that can be carried anywhere for mobile analysis in a lab, in the field, on a manufacturing line, or even in a fume hood. With such a broad variety of applications, the Axcend Focus LC® serves: 



Make better decisions more quickly using real-time data to increase speed to market while decreasing the cost of R&D and manufacturing.



Analyze water and soil or measure detection limits on oil platforms, at the rig, on spill sites, or anywhere in the field.



Safely give undergraduate students hands-on experience with modern instrumentation.



Detect and separate additives and contaminants.

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The Technology That Makes Performance Possible

The Axcend Focus LC® is a small, high-pressure pumping system that can deliver microliter to nanoliter/min mobile phase flow rates, fittings, and transfer lines that minimize dead volumes to preserve chromatographic performance, and multiple detector options, including single wavelength on-column UV-absorption detection with LED light sources, multi-wavelength diode array detection (DAD), fluorescence detection and, of course, mass spectrometry (MS). Its small diameter (< 0.3 mm i.d.) packed capillary columns can be pre-mounted in temperature-controlled, easy-to-connect cartridges that literally take a few minutes to install or exchange. The extremely low mobile phase flow rates characteristic of portable/compact capillary LC minimize the cost of purchasing and disposing of mobile phase solvents, and position the Focus LC® in the elite class of “green analytical chemistry.”


Lead the Scene, Go Green

  • Self-contained solvent and waste vials
  • Lower power consumption: 10 hours of continuous operation
  • Binary gradient pump: 10,000 psi (689 bar)
  • Flow rates: 0.5 - 10µL/min
  • Uses 1000X less solvents and produces minimal waste

The Axcend Advantage

The small footprint of the Axcend Focus LC® isn’t its only advantage.


Analytical chemistry labs are significantly reducing the size of analytical instruments. Reduction in size allows greater mobility, simpler operation, lower cost, and greater productivity. These characteristics allow scientists to deliver HPLC Anywhere® and are especially important in industries that need timely chemical measurements in diverse locations. 

  • Compact: Weighing only 7.82 kg, the device’s shoebox-sized capillary solution fits on any laboratory bench. 

  • Self-Contained: The device’s battery, pump, solvents, waste, column, and detector all fit inside its compact case.

  • Quick Results: Data is available to the scientist immediately—no waiting for results from a central lab or walk-up LC.

  • Portable: The device’s small size, along with its strong handle and reliable battery make it ideal for remote application. 

  • Green Chemistry: The device’s nano pumping system and on-column detector requires a very small sample and uses 1/1000th of the solvents required of traditional system and produces less waste.

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