High performance liquid chromatography is utilized in almost all industries for identification, quality, purification, safety, monitoring, and many other applications. As you scroll through the list of target industries, keep in mind that we are continuously expanding into other industries every day.

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Teaching has a “new normal” mandating the balance of individual safety with academic achievement. Science and Chemistry education involves congregating in a laboratory or in a lecture hall which is not conducive to the rules of the day. This is why our hand-portable and self-contained high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC), the Axcend Focus LC®, is the perfect teaching tool for in-the-classroom. With everything you need built-in to the system it minimizes exposure and safe for the user, the instructor, and the students all while providing hands-on learning!


Our breakthrough capillary Axcend Focus LC® is hand-portable and self-contained delivering exceptional analytical results safely when in dangerous or confined spaces. Its remote capabilities also make it possible to analyze samples on Oil Platforms and in other isolated places. These design features eliminate the hazardous element of analyzing samples using compact high performance liquid chromatography.


Trends in the Pharmaceutical industry have been for smaller, safer, and transportable LC systems to allow for faster decision making at the point-of-need. With the Axcend Focus LC® these trends become a reality! Self-contained and hand-portable means you can carry it from location to location as needed while operating on battery power.

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Utilization of high-performance liquid chromatography crosses into multiple industries for various applications.  We have listed just a few additional areas where we have done extensive work developing testing methods. We are continuously expanding into other industries every day.

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