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Academic Promotion

The Axcend Focus LC® is the latest innovation in capillary HPLC using minuscule amounts of solvent resulting in almost no waste when compared to traditional systems. These aspects make it safe to operate in classrooms and non-laboratory environments. Plus, the Axcend Focus LC® is so lightweight that it can be carried in and out of the classroom as needed. Benefits Include:

  • ZERO Operating Costs (we pay for your mobile solvents for 3 years)
  • ZERO Downtime (we will replace your system with a service unit within 24 hours)
  • ZERO Learning Curve (the system is tuned and ready to use out-of-the-box)
  • ZERO Wrenches (no tools are needed for maintenance or column replacement)
  • ZERO Bench Space (totally portable, the system can be carried to the classroom)
  • ZERO Environmental Impact (uses 1,400 times less solvent than a traditional HPLC)
  • ZERO Safety Risks (system is self-contained with no user exposure to chemicals or waste)

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Thank you for visiting our website! If you would like to learn more about the Axcend Focus LC® or schedule a demo (Virtual or In-Person) then please submit your details using the contact form.

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